About Us

Reading is the most powerful cognitive tool we possess, enabling us to acquire knowledge, develop thinking skills, build empathy, learn about the world, navigate our lives, and entertain ourselves.  A strong reader can learn anything, aspire to anything.

But one in five normal students struggle with reading.  They face school failure, barriers to employment, mental health issues, and difficulty at every step in life from filling forms to finding a mate. For the one-in-twenty with severe reading failure, the future is even more dire.

But there is nothing wrong with your child.  Every student can become a strong reader with proper instruction.  If your child is struggling with reading, then you must help him.  We will show you how.


The Community Reading Project has three goals:

  • Talk about Reading Failure: Parents never talk to other parents about their child’s learning difficulties, and educators aren’t forthright when students fall behind. Many parents don’t realize their child is struggling, or how to get help. Nothing will change for the struggling child until we start an open and honest discussion about reading failure.
  • Explain the Research: Psychologists have a clear idea of how normal children learn to read, and what can go wrong, and they find no evidence for folk theories like “learning styles” or “processing differences”.  The complexity of the English spelling system, poor education methods, a missed skill such as phoneme blending, and the “Matthew Effect” feedback loop fully explain reading failure in normal students.
  • Offer Free Tools and Support: Our tools are easy-to-use, and focused on repairing the skill deficits that trigger dyslexia.  There is no magic pill.  It takes months of diligent daily drills and practice to help a struggling reader catch up with his peers.  If you decide to do it, we’ll be there with support and encouragement.