Dyslexics dont have a problem with learning, they can learn anything if taught in a suitable way. But the skill they especially need taught in a suitable way is READING. Poor reading often leads to educational failure, LD classrooms, bullying, and emotional problems.

This blog follows an intensive intervention that started on over the 2014/2015 Christmas holidays, and then restarted on June 29, 2015. Our student was regularly and competently tutored outside of school in the months between, but without the intensity required for rapid takeoff.

The tools we use are available on this site, and free. Join our private group on Facebook to ask questions, offer your throughts, and share your experience.

Christmas Crash Reading – Day 5

Thursday – Christmas Day.  There were no breakthroughs today, just hard work and slow progress. I am pushing through the Blending course at top speed, not waiting for H. to master each exercise.  So he still makes odd mistakes.  Blending systematically and gradually builds one sound over another, and assumes

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Christmas Crash Reading – Day 4

Wednesday.  Today we wrote our first hamburger essay. We had previously worked through some spoken essays – explaining the concept and trying some examples aloud.  I had marked up essays in the New York Times to show how they followed the hamburger-essay pattern.  Today I handed H. a pen and

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Christmas Crash Reading – Day 3

Tuesday.  We are pounding our way through the Blending program.  H. isn’t completely solid on /ah/ /ih/ /aw/ but we have moved relentlessly and started into /uh/. He pronounced the first /uh/ words with /ih/ (‘hut’ as ‘hit’) and then with /aw/ (‘hut’ as ‘hot’) but I I’m making him

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Christmas Crash Reading – Day 2

Monday.  The key challenge is getting H. to stop guessing and using memorized words.  We are focused on breaking those two habits and shifting him to ‘sounding out’. This is the second day of drilling CVC words with the with the /ah/ sound.  We started with reading-aloud /ah/ words that

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Christmas Crash Reading – Day 1

We met Haroun over Christmas in an 11-day crash program.  In the months that followed he received some excellent tutoring outside of school, enough to maintain and solidify his reading skills but not much move them forward.   The blog posts from the 11 Christmas days start below. We continue

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