Closing the Math Gap

Community Reading Project focuses on students who lag years behind in reading, using intensive sustained tutoring.  Nothing wrong with the kids, they just need proper and intensive instruction.

The SAME technique works for kids who are far behind in math. Consider this New York Times article:

The teenagers in Chicago’s math-tutoring-on-steroids experiment … were as many as seven years behind in reading and 10 in math — 16-year-olds with the skills of third graders. … After just a single year in Chicago’s intensive tutoring and mentoring program, known as Match, participants ended up as much as two years ahead of students in a control group who didn’t get this help.

These kids were on their way to dropping out, and then getting into trouble. The cost was $3,800 per student.  For the cost of putting someone in jail for a year, we could run 30 kids through a program like that.

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