Community Reading Project Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2.    5 November, 2016



Three months ago we met Adam and his mom Havah.  Adam was in grade-3 and couldn’t read at all.  Havah also struggled with reading, she could decode but her fluency and comprehension were very low.

We showed Havah how to tutor her son with our free BLENDING program.  And we encouraged Havah to start reading herself, with easy comprehension and writing exercises and book recommendations.

Havah found it hard to build a habit; she kept slipping like so many parents do.  But she knew what life was like for a struggling reader, and was determined that her son not face that.  After several false starts she committed to a goal of reading with her son for an hour a day.  And she wrote a blog to share her journey with her friends.

Yesterday, she posted about settling down contentedly with her own book, while Adam read independently from his book.  It will warm your heart  – click here to read it.

Havah and her son still have a long way to go.  But if they keep up the “One Hour of Reading” habit then both have a bright future, filled with books.   Havah, you are amazing.  Thank you for sharing this with us.




Design of the BLENDING Program  A new blog post on our “Community Reading Blog” describes our free BLENDING program – what it teaches, how it works, who it is for, where it came from.

BLENDING is the keystone program that we use for severely reading-deficit students, and adults who read with memorized words and guessing from context.  Undoing those habits and building phonological processing skills is the first step towards “real” reading.




Parents almost never talk to other parents about learning difficulties, and educators aren’t forthright when a student falls behind.  Many parents don’t realize their child is struggling, or know how to get help.  Some are in denial, others are too embarrassed.

Nothing will change for a struggling child until we start an open and honest discussion about reading failure and how to fix it.  PLEASE talk to your friends about reading.




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