Community Reading Project Newsletter #4

Newsletter #4.    14 January, 2017



Researchers know that a student who overcomes a phonological deficit usually becomes an average or above-average reader, but often remains a SLOW reader.  This… is… important… because… slow… reading… reduces… comprehension.

‘FLUENCY is based on the technique of Repeated Reading. It is the classic technique for increasing sight-recognition word inventory, improving comprehension, gaining vocabulary, and of course, reading faster.  And it’s FUN, you and your child will be reading Alice in Wonderland.

Find out more, and give it a try, by clicking here.  It’s free of course.  We’d love some feedback, let us know what you think,





Looking for help, support, ideas, tools, etc, for your struggling reader? The Community Reading Project is holding a ‘Meetup’ for parents, volunteers, activists, and friends of the clinic on Tuesday February 21 at 7:00 PM, at our Toronto clinic, 2016 Bathurst St (at Eglinton).

Meet other parents, ask questions, compare experiences, share encouragement, and celebrate success stories.  RSVP through ‘Meetup’ or simply email us that you are coming.

We hope you attend.  February seems far away, but please mark into your schedule to come and join us.





We hope you are following our closed group in Facebook.

Parents are asking questions, sharing struggles, celebrating success stories, and supporting each other.  Tom has been working with Leila over Skype for almost 4 weeks, and providing frequent updates.  Recent posts include examples of ‘Hamburger Essays’.

It’s a ‘closed’ group, so anything you post won’t appear on your timeline.  Come and join us.



Your child knows other kids in his class who can’t read.  Consider talking to their parents.  Tell them about your progress, your hopes and fears, your struggles. They may deny any problem or be too embarrassed to talk to you, but rest assured they will be attentive.

Parents almost never talk to other parents about learning difficulties, and educators aren’t forthright when a student falls behind.  Many parents don’t even realize their child is struggling, others don’t know how to get help. The simplest step is to invite them to join our closed FB group and listen to the discussion. 

A child won’t outgrow a reading deficit without help, especially a severe one.  But nothing will change until we start an open and honest discussion about reading failure and how to fix it.  PLEASE talk to other parents about reading.  You will be saving a child, just as surely as if you had pulled him from quicksand.





Click here for our website.  It offers lots of free training materials and information for parents.

Recent posts on the blog include ‘Goodbye Dyslexia’ (Tom was kicked out of the largest Dyslexia forums in Facebook), and ‘Tutoring towards Disability’ (we made a mistake while tutoring an adult, and we are backtracking to fix it.  Recognize this mistake if you see it.)


Click here to join our closed Facebook group.  It is a private place to discuss your child’s needs and help other parents.  Your posts won’t appear on your timeline, and won’t be visible to your friends.

A lot of the public activity of the Community Reading Project has moved to this closed group.  Please join, and please invite other parents, teachers, and tutors to join.



Contact us:

Tom Berend
(416) 230-4974  (mobile)


Visit us:

Community Reading Project
2016 Bathurst St. (just south of Eglinton)
Toronto, Canada.



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