Day 1 – Getting to work

Today, 16 June 2015,  was our FIRST DAY of training. Daijon read a small text to demonstrate his current skill, which looks to be about grade 1.

Then we focused on the sound /ah/ as in Apple. We drilled words like ‘cat’ and ‘cap’, blended and segmented with the word-spinner (not shown), and practiced writing. We worked for about 45 minutes on /ah/, took a break, and then came back for some finger-point reading.

On this 5-minute video you will see that Daijon has a long way to go. Your child is probably far ahead of him. But Daijon will catch up quickly, we expect him to gain at least a year in reading level every month.

There is no magic, just daily drills and practice. If you start with your child now, he or she will be a champion reader by September. Please join us.

Tomorrow we will review /ah/, and start on /ih/ like ‘Igloo’.


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