‘SPELLING’ teaches how to read and spell multi-syllable words with Latin and Greek roots.  The English spelling system looks complicated, but is remarkably consistent once you understand it.


Phonics and ‘sounding out’ doesn’t work well for multi-syllable words.  For example, it is too hard to sound out a word like ‘impartiality’.  Skilled readers don’t even try.



Instead skilled readers look for standard prefixes and suffixes, strip them off, and analyze the word in chunks.  There are only a few dozen common prefixes and suffixes in English, with well-defined spelling rules for joining them.


The best part of SPELLING is that the base and affixes give a hint to the meaning, allowing us to understand words we have never seen before.  The rules help us spell even the most difficult words correctly.

If your child still struggles with decoding, then start with the BLENDING program.  This program is more advanced, and won’t be helpful yet.