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Grammar is the study of how words combine to form sentences. People who understand the basic structure of grammar are much more likely to communicate clearly and effectively because a properly structured message is easier to understand and much more less likely to result in errors when the message is calling for action.

Furthermore, real originality is impossible without a knowledge of the conventional rules. A strong grasp of sentence structures enables us to transcend banality – and write elegantly and creatively.


This is an introduction to the the basic components of grammar, corresponding to the first four parts of the more advanced Stairway to Grammar which follows below. Students will need crayons or highlighters in different shades or coloured pencils for the practice drills.

These lessons are designed for younger students and students with no background in English grammar.

  1. The Parts of Speech
  2. The Parts of the Sentence
  3. Decorative Words, Prepositional Phrases, and Clauses
  4. Simple, Complex, Compound, and Compound-Complex Sentences

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