Who We Are

The Community Reading Project started as a university thesis on how to help reading-disabled students in an affordable way.

We are volunteers, tutors, and reading activists.  We embrace  Action Research, a reflective process of progressive problem solving that attempts to develop a “community of practice”.  Our goal is to improve our own understanding of helping students with severe reading deficits, and foster a community dialog recognizing that reading failure is both unacceptable and fixable.

Many of us have graduate degrees.  Some of us are teachers ourselves, so we have perspective on education problems from the other side as well. We know there is a better way.

There have been several iterations of the Community Reading Project, both in physical spaces and on the internet.  Our latest physical space is our clinic at 2016 Bathurst Ave. in Toronto, and you are welcome to drop in and visit any weekday morning.  Or join our private Facebook group.