Progress after One Week…

We have been pounding away at fingerpoint-reading all week – five days in a row. We average about 90 minutes per day, including ‘Repeated Readings’. The gains from this intensive practice are easily visible in this 90-second video.

Haroun is reading faster and with more confidence. He is hitting some really hard words (watch for ‘personal property’ toward the end), and making fewer errors on easy words. He is self-correcting. His pronunciation is clearer and louder. You can’t see in in this 2-minute video, but his comprehension is better and he is enjoying the story more.

This is after just five days. The trick is READING EVERY DAY. Summer is the best time to turn your child into a strong reader.


Haroun didn’t have any preference for the ‘extra’ learning project, so we asked my wife to give us a drawing lesson. Within a few minutes we were sketching shapes like a kettle with charcoal. Haroun seems interested in learning how to draw so on Monday we will visit the nearest Art Supply store and set ourselves up.

Haroun trying his hand at drawing

Haroun trying his hand at drawing



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